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NMEasync is a 32 bits console application that uses the data supplied by a GPS receiver to synchronize the date and time of a PC running Windows.

The GPS receiver must generate NMEA sentences, and be connected to the PC using a serial cable.

NMEAsync uses the "$GPRMC" NMEA sentence to obtain the current date and time.

Usage is :

NMEAsync [/port=] [/mindiff=] [/maxdiff=] [/settime] [/leapseconds=]

     /port=         COM1, COM2, ..., COMn
     /baudrate=n    serial port baudrate
     /mindiff=n     do not set time if difference is less than n seconds
     /maxdiff=n     do not set time if difference is more than n seconds
     /leapseconds=n add n seconds to the time supplied in NMEA message
                    (for buggy GPS's)
     /settime       actually set the time

The defaults values are /port=COM1 /baudrate=4800 /mindiff=2 /maxdiff=300. The system time will NOT be changed if /settime is not specified.

NMEAsync returns an errorlevel 0 if everything went OK, and a positive value otherwise.

NMEAsync is freeware.

Download NMEAsync_2_3.zip (+ 25 Kb - July 29, 2003)


Help, comments and suggestions are welcome: write to Christophe DAVID?.

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